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How To Maintain A Healthy Skin

Updated: Mar 9

Before the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, most of us have had our lives structured and tied up to a routine.

Nowadays with the forced isolation and the stress we might suffer, we might find a bit of a challenge to adjust to the sudden change.

That's why it is important to maintain a healthy body and mind and much more, it is important not to neglect our looks and skin care routine.

Here are 6 easy steps to follow:

Step No 1: Use Your Skincare Products

Like anything else, skincare products have a very important place in our life's.

So, make sure that you only use a good quality skincare products on your daily routine -but do not use it in excess.

Step No 2: Sun Exposure

We all know that a bit of Sun exposure is mandatory to our health because of the Vitamin D synthesis and spending most of our time indoors deprives us from sun exposure.

Make sure that you are getting a good dose of daily sunlight but, always use a SPF Factor to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB damage.

Step No 3: Hydration

Being indoors, we might not feel the need to drink much water, but it is mandatory to keep our bodies well hydrated. So, remember always to drink your water.

Make sure you drink at least a minimum quantity of 800 ml of water daily, to ensure a proper hydration of your body and skin.

Step No 4: Diet

An ancient proverb says: We are what we eat.

Eating your veggies, fruits and proteins and avoiding excess of rich foods in sugar and carbohydrates, is the best way to maintain a well-balanced diet and to boost your immune system.

So, in order to maintain a healthy skin completion, eat healthy. You only can praise or blame yourselves for anything or everything you eat or drink.

Step No 5: Exercise

Exercising is not only good for the mind and body but is definitely good for the your skin.

Unless you have a medical condition (which won't not permit you to exercise) do not avoid exercising.

Exercising not only that increases blood circulation - which automatically maintains our muscle functions and our skin radiance, glow and health, but it helps to eliminate the toxins from our body.

So, for a healthy skin, mind and body - make sure you exercise at least a minimum 15 minutes daily.

6. Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe while in isolation, is vital to our health and of course our skin. Keep open your windows as often you can and if you are a smoker, if you can - try to reduce your cigarette intake.


For a healthy skin, mind and body do the things you love most and always remember to live a healthy and balance life.

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