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High Frequency (HF) or D'arsonval Therapy And It's Skin Care Benefits

Updated: Mar 6

What is high frequency or D'arsonval therapy?

HF devices have been used within the beauty industry for over a century and are a handheld skincare tools of hermetically sealed glass electrodes containing neon or argon gas.

What are it's benefits on the skin?

When high frequency is used correctly, is well known to help the skin to heal and can reverse aging process by improving the growth of the collagen synthesis into the skin.

It can accelerate blood circulation, reduces age spots, wrinkles and lines as well can help with acne and post acne scarring. As such, a high frequency tool can help your skin looking smooth and fresh, by simulating the cells, increases collagen synthesis and kills bacteria surrounding the tissue of the skin.

When used under the eyes, reduce under the eye bags and dark circles (high frequency will stimulate lymph and blood circulation).

On the body, reduce cellulite (high frequency will help to deliver the oxygen and remove toxins).

On the scalp, prevents and stops hair loss (high frequency will stimulate hair follicle by improving the metabolism of the scalp, blood circulation). As well, promotes growth of healthy hairs, which leads to minimum hair loss.

Traditionally, the orange (neon gas) has been used to treat aging skin and violet (argon gas) to treat acne-prone skin types. But it turns out that the color of the electrode generally is simply a matter of personal preference.

Is good to note that the interchangeable high frequency electrode parts, come in a variety of convenient shapes and sizes to facilitate the treatment of different areas of the face and body, like for example:

1. Mushroom type: Cheeks, Forehead, Neck, Chest, Back.

2. Spoon type: Cheeks, Forehead, Neck, Scalp.

3. Point: Eye Area, Small Targeted Points, Cystic Acne Spots.

4. Comb: Scalp, Existing Hair.

Are the D’arsonval devices safe to be used?

The HF devices are usually quite safe and can used maximum twice per week.

However, there are certain instance in which they should not be used.

For example:

- people with pacemakers should stay away from these devices due to their static electricity,

- people who suffer from epilepsy or other nervous system disorders,

_ pregnant woman, or on open wounds.

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